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Stop coding for today, start coding for tomorrow.

Standing at the epicenter of design and technology, the team at echo86 Web Technologies are creative thinkers that refuse to be pigeonholed.

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"We love to translate ideas into engaging user experiences. At echo86 Web Technologies, we create content and products with one goal in mind - to create web technologies from the perspective of thinking Out-Of-The-Box."
—James Tarver, Founder of echo86 Web Technologies

We invent today's technology for tomorrow's Web.


Web Development Technologies We Use
AJAX, AngularJS, Angular Material, ASP.Net, Aurelia, Backbone.JS, Bootstrap, CSS, Codeigniter, CoffeeScript, Drupal, django, Ember.js, Ext js, Flask, Flex, ZURB Foundation, Grav, Grunt, Gulp, GWT, HTML, HTML5, Highcharts, Javascript, Joomla, jquery, jqueryUI, JSF, KNOCKOUT.js, Laravel, Less, Magento, Material Design Lite, Materialize, MVC, Prototype, Pure.CSS, Reactjs, Ruby on Rails 2.1, Ruby on Rails, Sass, TurboGears, VBScript, XML, SOAP, Restful, WebSockets, Python, web2py, WebGL, WebRTC, Wordpress, XHTML, and Yii Framework.
"This team has redefined the basis for innovative project design! Gone are the days of the "old" web, Flash and PHP simply can't compete with the Web technologies of the future."
—Baylor Davis, Web Developer, Santa Monica, CA.

Who are we?

echo86 Web Technologies
We are an American based technology company focused on Web and Internet technologies. We improve and build upon current technologies taking them to the next level. The open Web presents incredible opportunities for developers. At echo86 Web Technologies we take full advantage of these technologies - and we know how to use them. We develop technologies by thinking differently, unconventionally, and from new perspectives. We push the boundaries of creative thinking and blend in bleeding edge Web development technologies to produce products from beyond the horizon. If you can imagine it . . . then we likely have already experimented with it. Consider this: It's the things that you can't imagine that you will likely find us experimenting with in our labs!
"I don't know what form of witchery they're using to brew the code, but you're sure to see some Python, Sheep, Lynx, TOAD, and CAML in the cauldron somewhere!"
—Shane Michaels, Mobile Tech Developer, Dallas, Tx.